The Solfatara Volcano

The Solfatara Volcano – a Journey into the Roman’s Ade gate

A short Film by Fabio Palmieri
Music by Domenico Angarano
Scientific-Historical information and captions provided by Solfatara Volcano


The Solfatara of Pozzuoli is without a doubt the most interesting volcano of the Phlegreaen Fields, an area north of Naples (Italy) made up by approx. 40 ancient volcanoes. In its environs there are places of incredible historical interest such as the Flavio Amphitheatre, the Acropolis of Cuma, the Thermae of Baia, the Temple of Serapides.
Spanning approximately 33 hectares, it is a wildlife preservation site which offers the starting point for an interesting hike with the presence, in addition to the renown volcanic phenomena, such as the fumaroles, the mofete and small mud volcanoes, even of woods and areas of Mediterranean maquis as well as natural, geological and botanical-faunal wonders.

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