Revenge of the Devil’s Toys

Switch off the lights, get a huge cup of popcorn with extra butter and enjoy our cool theatre..
..the Devil’s Toys are back!!

a film by: Fabio Palmieri
with the: Montestella Crew*
and: “Evil” Grandpa Abrahams & the Devil’s Toys
Running Time: 26min


Revenge of the Devil’s Toys is a remake of the 1969 cult-classic The Devil’s Toy by Claude Jutra. This film is the result of 2 weeks no-stop shooting session with the crew, over 500gb of bad-ass skating action, roaming the cities at night, filmed and edited in pure horror/grindhouse-style!!
Take a ride on the Grandpa madness.. brutal yeah!!

* Montestella Crew is not a professional sporting team, just friends sick for longboarding, beer, rock music and have fun. We meet at the Montestella Park in Milan (Italy).. come and surf with us!




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