a World Wide Digital TimeLapse

There are timelapse of every kind, from the fabolous starrynight sequences of nature, cities, food, people.. I pictured it’d have been cool to apply the same procedure to something that doesn’t exist in the real world, something that’s only virtual. The Google Doodles were the best subject for this test, so this video isn’t just a fan’s super-enthusiastic google celebration but an experimental editing to see how a bit sequence evolves, how a digital impulse literally grows.
Doooodlevolution is the collection of all Google Doodles from 1998 to 2012, a full world wide experience at the “clockwork” rate of 1 doodle per frame, for a total of more than 2000 single images.

a video by: Fabio Palmieri
Music: Glen Campbell – The William Tell Overture (Speeded up and remixed)

All graphics, logo an doodles are property of Google Inc. – Google Doodles


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